It's Thursday Again

It’s Thursday which means that it is also Application day. The day I set aside to go over my list of companies and apply for any jobs they might have. This time I have been hitting various banks around town to see if they might have anything available. It looks like there might be one or two but I have also pinged my recruiters to see if they have an in on either one. Learned that lesson a couple of times already so I am trying to be patient on that front.

In tech news, I am researching some php chatrooms. This is in furtherance of the idea of trying to make my own online game room chat. Sort of like what GleeMax promised to be but has since died. Spent part of yesterday after finishing up the federal KSAs thinking through the functionality of such a thing. It was good. I got a few ideas down and was able to come to the conclusion that I need to look at some chat software before continuing. So that is on the back burner today.

Otherwise it is another day of being patient and combing through everything online that I can job wise.