A quick catchup

I have not been in the best of positions to be making posts lately.

Last week was a bit of an off week to begin with. I mean, I like long weekends but there is that outside chance that it will completely put off any rhythm you have built up. This is especially true when you’re not currently employed. Rhythm is very important in that it keeps your feet moving and your hands busy and your mind from wandering or getting too caught up in things it shouldn’t be. And last week my rhythm got off.

That’s okay though. I’m going to make up for it this week.

First I’m waiting on a tech interview to happen. That should be pretty easy. The job description is pretty open about the requirements and hopefully this is not going to be a quick trivia contest. For those of you recruiters out there. Take note: Trivia contests do not make for an interview. If all you can do is play “stump the techie” you’re doing interviewing wrong. Given that it is only supposed to take a half of an hour, I am hoping that I’m going to be asked about past projects and how I approach projects / problems. I could be wrong but then again that’s why I’m looking over my list of interview questions.

Speaking of all things Tech. I am getting to the point where I want to have a better phone. I have been watching my wife run around with her iPhone and I have to admit I am getting a bit jealous of the things she can do with it. There are a lot of other phones out there to check out, Blackberries, the new Palm one, and of course, Android phones. Once I get to be employed again I am going to check them out. Wonder if google docs are accessable on any of them. All the better to take notes with.