First post!

There are a lot of things to do but I wanted to start the site off with a bit of homebrew gaming content.

The beer will be coming along later.

To begin this site I want to talk about a campaign. Not just any campaign. No, this is the ground work I am trying to lay for a living campaign. A Warhammer Fantasy living campaign.

For a few years now one of the groups my wife and I play in has been doing the Heroes of Rokugan living campaign. I have to admit that it has been a great way for those who own the system to get people invovled and keep up to date with their books and sundry. It has also been a good way to get involved with a comunity of players that has been one of the most fun and unbelievably mature comunities of games I have ever found.

So I was inspired to do the same for one of the systems I love most. Warhammer Fantasy.

Not unsurprisingly, I was unable to find one already in existance. This being doubly true as not too long ago, Games Workshop decided to shut down the publisher and yank the license from the current holder. Fantasy Flight games soon ended up with it, and while they seem to be doing a bit better of a job in keeping WFRP and its brother system, Dark Heresy, going I couldn’t find the sort of grass-roots active comunity that HoR has. I found that a vast majority of the sites are dedicated to the minis wargame than the actual RPG.

The first module I have written up takes place a few years before the events of The Storm of Chaos, the event which kicked off the 2005 relaunch of the rpg. It takes place during a fair being held in Altdorf, capital of the Empire. It has several events that the players can take part in. There is an eating contest, a drinking contest, tests of archery and gladiatorial pit fights. There is also a taste of chaos cults and how the empire deals with such threats. It does a lot to set the tone of the setting as well as leave open a number of avenues to take stories from.

I got to run it this past Sunday for a few people. After the initial hiccup of needing to create some more characters, we got started. And it was fun. I like the system as it gives me, as a GM, the tools necesary to allow the players shape the story of their characters. For instace, in the pit fighting, I got the chance to give the lone character a bit of a boost from the crowd since one of my other players was able to get the crowd to cheer along for them. There were several other instances of this thoughout our session and yesterday I wrote up some notes so I can go back in and make  changes to the module. Eventually, I hope to be able to release it and start up such a thing. This means having a few more modules to go along with it, but that is hudle to jump soon enough.

I did want to make one more note about living campaigns and supporting them.

Find one that has some quickstart rules. GURPS probably has one of the best sets of quickstart rules out there. D&D recently released their own for Fourth. Oddly enough, they put it out their as a pdf but I guess this would be something they want you to download. HoR also has one as well as several premade characters to start out with if you don’t have the core book. Warhammer sadly does not which left me the option of having to create one. At a very concise 2 pages, I had to rely upon the core book getting passed around to copy out all of the career information. Fantasy Flight Games recently put out a Career Compendium for WFRP but no quickstart rules. Which is really too bad as this would help those of us who like the system a bit of an easier time evangelicising it.

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