We need to post more…

We really need to post more on this… I certainly do.

So, here’s my resolution. I’m gonna try to post once a week.

My current plan, is to start developing stuff for New World of Darkness games. Today’s contribution, Homebrewed Keys and Manifestations for Geist: the Sin-Eaters

Geist has Manifestations (the sin-eaters special magical powers) associated with 7 of the 9 core attributes. Naturally for me, I would like manifestations for the other two attributes.

Also, Keys bend how a manifestation works, flavoring how the power works. I’ve started work on several new keys, to add new flavor to the powers.

Here’s what I have so far.

New Keys and Manifestations.

Manifestation 1 – Dexterity based – The Fetter – Imposes penalties, binds target
Cold Wind Fetter – Cold disables target, may create Ice to bind
Grave Dirt Fetter – Zombie hands grasp at targets legs – Try to grapple/Trip
Pyre Flame Fetter – Flame Lashes parry, drive back enemies
Tear Stained Fetter – Target is affected as if moving against water.
Industrial Fetter – Conjures rusty chains. Binds and slows target
Passion Fetter – Emotional bindings, Fear and Sorrow
Phantasmal Fetter – Illusory chains
Primeval Fetter – Vines and or other plants
Stigmata Fetter – Open pseudo wounds, no damage (til rank 4) but cause wound penalties.
Stillness Fetter – Locks targets Joints
Widow’s Kiss Fetter – Venom disables target, Shuddering/shakes.
Dirge Fetter – Wraps target in metaphysical bounds of words. Target becomes socially awkward, confused, and says wrong words or odd things.
Phlogeston Fetter – Strangles the enemy with tendrils of nothingness.

Manifestation 2 – Composure based – The Pall – Provides Social Defense, Hides intentions.
Cold Wind Pall –
Grave Dirt Pall –
Pyre Flame Pall –
Tear Stained Pall –
Industrial Pall –
Passion Pall –
Phantasmal Pall –
Primeval Pall –
Stigmata Pall –
Stillness Pall –
Widow’s Kiss Pall – q
Dirge Pall – q
Phlogeston Pall – q

New Key 1 – The Widow’s Kiss – Poison focus. Both physical Poison and Emotional poison
Widow’s Kiss Boneyard – Grants additional power and insight over poisonous things in area, works best in poisoned land/wastelands.
Widow’s Kiss Caul – Changes body to be toxic to others, adapt to poisons. Also take on aspects of Venomous spiders or reptiles. (Especially Black/Brown/Red Widows)
Widow’s Kiss Curse – Target gets poisoned by incidental contact with normal things. Salmonella from eggs, Mercury from his fillings, his mail is contaminated with Ricin or Anthrax, Etc.
Widow’s Kiss Marionette – Creates a poison that does will damage. If will <= 0, then subject is bound to the sin-eater's will. Widow's Kiss Oracle - Drink poison to gain ecstatic visions, forsight. Also allows you to 'see' poison in things. Widow's Kiss Rage - Each use creates a single dose of poison whose damage and toxicity is based on successes on activation. Lasts for a length of time based on rank. Widow's Kiss Shroud - Bonus defense against Poisons and Disease. New Key 2 - The Dirge - Tilts all manifestations to the Social, All word related. Dirge Boneyard - Constant Chanting, Boneyard extends to all in earshot. Extra effects in locations associated with Oratory or Amphitheaters, or where a Eulogy was recently given. Dirge Caul - Changes the body to become a better orator, more impressive, better manipulator. Dirge Curse - Target suffers various mental disorders that cause social problems. Especially Aphasia and/or Tourette's syndrome. Dirge Marionette - Subject believes the Bounds words are his own thoughts, behaves appropriately. Dirge Oracle - Automatic Writing, Bibliomancy. Dirge Rage - Can be used to inflict damage as an area attack instead of single target. Dirge Shroud - Adds to social defense, confuses others socially(Manipulation). New Key 3 - The Phlogeston - Aethir, Fifth Element, Void. Creates vacuums? Any manifestation where Elemental Keys function the same, Phlogeston key follows the same functions. Phlogeston Boneyard - allows them to force other elements out of an area. Works best in area's that are devoid of most of the classic elements. Works exceptionally well where non-breathable gasses are prevelant, or in outer space (unlikely but hey, it could happen) Phlogeston Caul - Become an archon of nothingness Phlogeston Curse - Phlogeston Marionette - Phlogeston Oracle - Must suffocate self with smoke or inert gasses to activate. Phlogeston Rage - Damage from Vacuum Suffocation, causes perception problems Phlogeston Shroud -