Well, that didn’t quite go to plan

With a vast majority of 2010 behind me, I have taken a few minutes to look over what I was able to accomplish versus what I was actually able to do. Can’t say I’m happy but I have learned quite a bit and can see where I need to improve things.

The first thing to address was 2010 Plan. This consisted of me mostly working like crazy on WFRP modules. I was wanting to do something like one per month. I have since realized that this is quite a bit more work than it at first seems. Especially when you have only yourself to write, edit, and then test the modules. Despite  making as much noise as I could about these, I didn’t get a whole lot of feedback about what did and didn’t work.  What I got was from GMing them. And those friends who were kind enough to play, did genuinely enjoy themselves and I certainly had a good time running them.

Then there was GenCon. That was an incredible experience. Ran these mods for random strangers who had fun. The laughter and jokes are unforgettable.

Moving on. Aside from the reviews of L5R, I can’t say I got much done gaming wise this year. There was the 24 RPG creation over on RPGGeek that was a lot of fun. It also exposed me to a lot of what other people think. And what they want to play. That’s the important bit. People won’t write or create things they don’t want to play. If there is any chance to get an idea of what people want, look to what they create. So there was and continues to be a lot to learn from the those games.

Finally, there is this site. I didn’t make nearly as many entries as I could have. This needs to be a place where I put all of my thoughts on games and gaming. No matter how weird, unusual, or simply wrong those thoughts may end up being. This is where I need to put them. To make it a habit, not something easily or quickly done. That has to be the goal of this site.

Which then leads me to 2011 and what I wan to try to do with it.

Lucha Libre the RPG needs to be made. Well, finished. It was started with the 24 Hour RPG competition, but it has been simmering in the back of my mind as something which has real potential. Setting it an era of pulp adventures opens up a lot of possibilities. Given a decent, flexible system, then players can have a lot of fun creating the sorts of wrestlers and characters to inhabit the world. There is also the matter of making it easy to create and run adventures as well. That is going to have to be a major goal.

Which helps with the first goal of making this my default writing place. Keeping some sort of design journal about how that project is going. And throughout the year giving previews and discussion over what I am doing with it and why. A place to keep my insights into its design.

And that’s it. Nothing more to say today.