GenCon — It looms upon the horizon

Despite being 8 months hence, plans for GenCon 2011 have already started to take form. It ought to be a good year for many reasons, not the least of which is I am looking to get in for free as a GM. I’ve signed on to working for the L5R Heroes of Rokugan 3 campaign and plan on filling for at least three slots. Possibly more.

It all depends on events that I can’t predict.

They may end up with more players than expected, so I’ll get a call to cover an extra slot or two. Which is fine, I can do that.

But then there may be an event or two I sign up for. A symposium or workshop that sounds like something I shouldn’t miss. And then there’s the star guests. If the entertaining Mr. Wheaton shows up again, I don’t think I’ll let myself miss his talk. And there’s always something my wife brings up. This time it was the WFRPv2 campaign that’s gone on haitus since last year’s GenCon. It could also come at me at an unexpected time and suddenly churn out a new adventure or two.

In any case, I’m thinking an open mind is once again, the best way to muddle through. Always being open to something interesting and hoping that you’ll see it as such.