My Weekend in Rokugan

This past weekend was the first Weekend in Rokugan for the new Spirit of Bushido campaign. I got to play a bit part in the overall proceedings running a few games and filling a role in the interactive Saturday night. It was an incredible time with a far better turnout than the admins were anticipating.

There were three new campaign mods premiering last weekend. These were A Walk Through the Mountains, Delicate Negotiations, and Poisoned Gifts. I got to play slot-zeros of Walk and Poisoned which are interesting and I think indicate the sort of directions that the admins want to take the themes and the sorts of ideas to explore. Poisoned Gifts more than others. Although I have a bit of affection for Walk, having ran it multiple times on Saturday.

The interactive was a different experience, an experience that was structured around the players, their clans, and the choices put into play. I got to play the Lion’s clan leader and have to admit to having a little bit of fun when calling the clan together for a meeting. It was something to watch the players wheeling and dealing and trying to change the world of Rokugan into something more of their liking.

Of course, the Admins get the final say over what impact on the campaign that the choices and deals made have, but the players get to have the knowledge of that they have had their say on that direction. And it will be a very interesting one given the sorts of deals that were worked out Saturday night.

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