The mission of Brew’n’Games is to bring together two great passions that people share.

The passion to make excellent homebrewed beer to enjoy with family and friends.
The passion to make fun, exciting games to share with the same people.

But there are times when that is not enough. So this space was created to share it with as many people as is possible.

Personally, I am a bit of a beer snob but this is only an outgrowth of a love for all things related to a good brew. By no means do I only enjoy “artisan” beers or microbrews but I have found that a lot more goes into the wholeness of the beer than can be found in the gigantic batches put out in the name of mass consumption.

Games, for me, are a bit different. Almost the opposite, one could say.
I like just about all games. My only requirement for them is that it must be fun. Fun for me, fun for those who are playing along with me. Anything fun qualifies. Which is what I strive for when I am creating games or adventures or running a living campaign.

Enjoy the site, make comments and come along with the journey as all of this and more is explored.