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47 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

So, Beer update number 3 on the All Grain Oatmeal Stout.


We had a bit of a false start yesterday. See, I’ve got a capper, SOMEWHERE, that I can’t find. So I borrowed a capper from my father-in-law. Turns out that capper is for a different style of bottle, and it shattered the top of the bottle I tried it on.

Today, after a quick trip down to the brew store for a new capper, I bottled my beer.

First step, Priming sugar. Now, there may be special sugar for this purpose, but if there is, I don’t have any. So I boiled 3/4s of a cup of normal white sugar in a couple cups of the beer.
While that was heating up, I siphoned the beer into a clean fermentor to leave dead yeast and other sediment behind. It left over an eighth of an inch of sedement in the bottom of the first bucket.

Then, I stirred the priming sugar solution into the beer in the clean fermentor, and started filling bottles.

I got 47 and a half bottles of beer, not counting the one bottle I broke (already filled), the bottles worth I spilled, and the roughly half a bottle I drank tasting it at various points. Now they have to bottle condition for 3 week. Convieniently, they’ll be ready in time for the local Irish fest and the associated Stout brewing competition… Huzzah!

As a side note, based on my starting Specific Gravity and ending Specific gravity, Roughly 1.031 and 1.003 respectively, My calculations show the been has a 3.78% alcohol content. Though that number is a rough calculation.

EDIT: So, I finally found an important list, that tells me the relative Specific Gravity of pure water at different temperatures. Given what I found, I can now say with 99% certainty that the starting gravity (OG), was 1.41, and the Finishing gravity (FG) was 1.003, for an Alcohol content of 4.90% by volume, or 9.8 Proof. WOO!