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A brief review

A brief, albeit behind the times, review of Mage: The Awakening

I’m assuming you know what Mage is and the part it plays in White Wolf’s new World of Darkness. So briefly, I’m hitting the highlights of what I think are a good steps forward.

First, the separate base World of Darkness book, from which every other book in the set draws from is a great idea. It might be a bit much for some gamers to handle financially (adding another twenty-five dollars on top of the forty laid down for the particular WoD book you did want for a complete set of rules) but it provides one incredible advantage that the old series doesn’t. Continuity. You as a Player or GM can be assured that everyone you’re playing with is going to have the same description of skills and base mechanics. No more wondering if Alertness or Awareness (or sometimes both) is going to be the skill needed for spotting the tail you have. This continuity also produces another favorable effect that of leveling out the power level between the different lines.

While that may have been something of a shock to old Mage players, such as me, as a GM I am completely for it. No more having to adjust Vampires upwards to make them a threat to Werewolves or to Mages. No more having to mess around with trying to figure out how to balance things myself. It’s been taken care of.

Finally, there is the last half of the book. Completely filled in with Rotes and explanations of what dot of each sphere can do, it provides a far better idea as to what is and is not permitted than the previous editions ever tried to. It helps that the designers have explicitly stated that these are supposed to be used as a guideline and not as absolutes as players had previously used them as such.

It is going to take some time to find everything but this new Mage has potential. I’m considering getting the base WoD book to have a complete version of the new rules. If you haven’t checked out the new WoD (and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t), suck it up and take a gander. See if you can’t borrow a friend’s copy, it’s worthwhile.

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We need to post more…

We really need to post more on this… I certainly do.

So, here’s my resolution. I’m gonna try to post once a week.

My current plan, is to start developing stuff for New World of Darkness games. Today’s contribution, Homebrewed Keys and Manifestations for Geist: the Sin-Eaters

Geist has Manifestations (the sin-eaters special magical powers) associated with 7 of the 9 core attributes. Naturally for me, I would like manifestations for the other two attributes.

Also, Keys bend how a manifestation works, flavoring how the power works. I’ve started work on several new keys, to add new flavor to the powers.

Here’s what I have so far.

New Keys and Manifestations.

Manifestation 1 – Dexterity based – The Fetter – Imposes penalties, binds target
Cold Wind Fetter – Cold disables target, may create Ice to bind
Grave Dirt Fetter – Zombie hands grasp at targets legs – Try to grapple/Trip
Pyre Flame Fetter – Flame Lashes parry, drive back enemies
Tear Stained Fetter – Target is affected as if moving against water.
Industrial Fetter – Conjures rusty chains. Binds and slows target
Passion Fetter – Emotional bindings, Fear and Sorrow
Phantasmal Fetter – Illusory chains
Primeval Fetter – Vines and or other plants
Stigmata Fetter – Open pseudo wounds, no damage (til rank 4) but cause wound penalties.
Stillness Fetter – Locks targets Joints
Widow’s Kiss Fetter – Venom disables target, Shuddering/shakes.
Dirge Fetter – Wraps target in metaphysical bounds of words. Target becomes socially awkward, confused, and says wrong words or odd things.
Phlogeston Fetter – Strangles the enemy with tendrils of nothingness.

Manifestation 2 – Composure based – The Pall – Provides Social Defense, Hides intentions.
Cold Wind Pall –
Grave Dirt Pall –
Pyre Flame Pall –
Tear Stained Pall –
Industrial Pall –
Passion Pall –
Phantasmal Pall –
Primeval Pall –
Stigmata Pall –
Stillness Pall –
Widow’s Kiss Pall – q
Dirge Pall – q
Phlogeston Pall – q

New Key 1 – The Widow’s Kiss – Poison focus. Both physical Poison and Emotional poison
Widow’s Kiss Boneyard – Grants additional power and insight over poisonous things in area, works best in poisoned land/wastelands.
Widow’s Kiss Caul – Changes body to be toxic to others, adapt to poisons. Also take on aspects of Venomous spiders or reptiles. (Especially Black/Brown/Red Widows)
Widow’s Kiss Curse – Target gets poisoned by incidental contact with normal things. Salmonella from eggs, Mercury from his fillings, his mail is contaminated with Ricin or Anthrax, Etc.
Widow’s Kiss Marionette – Creates a poison that does will damage. If will <= 0, then subject is bound to the sin-eater's will. Widow's Kiss Oracle - Drink poison to gain ecstatic visions, forsight. Also allows you to 'see' poison in things. Widow's Kiss Rage - Each use creates a single dose of poison whose damage and toxicity is based on successes on activation. Lasts for a length of time based on rank. Widow's Kiss Shroud - Bonus defense against Poisons and Disease. New Key 2 - The Dirge - Tilts all manifestations to the Social, All word related. Dirge Boneyard - Constant Chanting, Boneyard extends to all in earshot. Extra effects in locations associated with Oratory or Amphitheaters, or where a Eulogy was recently given. Dirge Caul - Changes the body to become a better orator, more impressive, better manipulator. Dirge Curse - Target suffers various mental disorders that cause social problems. Especially Aphasia and/or Tourette's syndrome. Dirge Marionette - Subject believes the Bounds words are his own thoughts, behaves appropriately. Dirge Oracle - Automatic Writing, Bibliomancy. Dirge Rage - Can be used to inflict damage as an area attack instead of single target. Dirge Shroud - Adds to social defense, confuses others socially(Manipulation). New Key 3 - The Phlogeston - Aethir, Fifth Element, Void. Creates vacuums? Any manifestation where Elemental Keys function the same, Phlogeston key follows the same functions. Phlogeston Boneyard - allows them to force other elements out of an area. Works best in area's that are devoid of most of the classic elements. Works exceptionally well where non-breathable gasses are prevelant, or in outer space (unlikely but hey, it could happen) Phlogeston Caul - Become an archon of nothingness Phlogeston Curse - Phlogeston Marionette - Phlogeston Oracle - Must suffocate self with smoke or inert gasses to activate. Phlogeston Rage - Damage from Vacuum Suffocation, causes perception problems Phlogeston Shroud -